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Tuesday, 06 May 2008 07:00

Nordic Network for Healthcare Management Research (NOHR)

Nordic Network for Healthcare Management Research (NOHR) consists of researchers from all the Nordic countries, and is devoted to research on healthcare management and organisation. The network is multi-diciplinary and encourages comparative research between the Nordic countries.


The purpose of Nordic Network for Healthcare Management Research (NOHR)


Nordic Network for Healthcare Management Research is a Nordic network for research on health management and organization, aiming at facilitating cooperation and exchange across countries. The network has several practical aims:

  • Arrange annual meetings for researchers and students that take an interest in Nordic research on healthcare management and organisation.
  • Exchange information, make research available at NOHRnet.org.
  • To encourage cross-disciplinary research on healthcare management and organisation within the Nordic countries and to develop comparative research between the Nordic countries.


To become a member

The NOHR network is open for everyone interested in Nordic social science research on healthcare management and organisation. To become a member of the network, please register


Why a Nordic Network for Healthcare Management Research (NOHR)?

Issues that relate to the organization and management of health care have become more and more important in national and international politics as well as in the media. The so-called Nordic Welfare State model can not be understood without paying attention to healthcare, and many of the current challenges to the model itself clearly relate to the development of healthcare. Both Norway and Denmark are in the process of implementing large-scale reforms, while Finland and Sweden are also making plans for further reforms. The study of the background for these reforms and their consequences at various levels in the healthcare system is a topic that inspires many research projects.

The politics of healthcare has increasingly become politics of organization and management of healthcare. The discussion about what constitutes adequate competence for healthcare personnel and institutions relates increasingly to issues of management and organization.

Another reason for the institutionalization of such a network is the development of theoretical approaches to the study of health systems, healthcare institutions, patients and users. The predominant understanding of such organizations as professional bureaucracies and as systems of professions have been challenged by other ways of studying healthcare; for instance as a field, as an actor-network or as a set of institutional logics.

History of NOHR

Early conferences where topics related to management of Nordic healthcare institutions:

  • Bodø 1999 (NFF)
  • Uppsala 2001 (NFF)
  • Reykjavik 2003 (NFF)
  • Århus 2005 (NFF) - Link

The network was founded in Århus 2005 as a decision was made to call for a separate conference in Copenhagen in 2006.

The fourth conference will be in Oslo in 2009


Publications from NOHR

  • Når Styringsambitioner møder praksis.
    Bentsen, Eva Zeuthen, Finn Borum, Gudbjoerg Erlingsdottir, and Kerstin Sahlin-Andersson, eds. 1999. Copenhagen: Copenhagen Business School Press.
    (Bodø 1997)
  • Management and organization in healthcare (2005)
    Nordiske organisasjonsstudier 2005 (pdf)
    (Reykjavik 2003)
  • Reform and Reorganizing Processes in Scandinavian Healthcare
    Health Organization and Management
    (Copenhagen 2006)


Board of NOHR

  • Maria Blomgren, University of Uppsala
  • Haldor Byrkjeflot, University of Bergen
  • Lars Erik Kjekshus, University of Oslo - personal homepage
  • Peter Kjær, Copenhagen Business School
  • Peter Kragh Jespersen, University of Aalborg
  • Ewa Wikstrøm, University of Gothenburg


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