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Written by Simon Neby   
Thursday, 22 May 2008 13:11

Nordic Network for Health Management Research - NOHR

In 2005, a group of Nordic health management researchers joined forces in establishing a Nordic network. Recently, this network has been formalized as NOHR - the Nordic Network for Health Management Research. The network recognizes the need for a common Nordic arena for health management researchers, not least in light of the increasing importance of health to national and international politics, the many recent policy initiatives and reforms changing the outline of the Nordic healthcare services, and recent developments in theoretical and analytical approaches. There is a need for establishing a more developed knowledge base on health care management and organization.

NOHR aims to arrange annual meetings and workshops for researchers and students taking an interest in healthcare management and organization research, to exchange information and research, as well as to promote comparative research and encourage cross-disciplinary work.

Throughout the last decade, researchers involved with NOHR have had several opportunities to meet and engage in common workshops, conferences and research. Initially, the biannual conferences of the Scandinavian Academy of Management served as meeting points for this research community, starting already in Bodø in 1999, continuing in Uppsala in 2001, Reykjavik in 2003 and Aarhus in 2005. By the 2005 establishment of the network, the number of health management and organization researchers by far exceeded the capacities of the original conference and it was decided that separate health management and organization conferences were to be organized annually through the network. After the 2006 and 2007 conferences in Copenhagen and Gothenburg, we are now ready for the third annual conference – which is to be held in Uppsala. The network’s participants increasingly engage in cross-national activities, not least through common research initiatives.

NOHR invites you to visit our brand new website www.nohrnet.org. Here you will find more information about the network, news relevant to NOHR members, conference announcements and calls for papers, links and more. Registering as a NOHR member can also be done through the website, and is of course free of all charges. What is more, we encourage you to contribute to the development of www.nohrnet.org by forwarding information or contents relevant for our website.

Currently, an important announcement is the 3rd Nordic Workshop on Health Management and Organization which is to be held December 4-5, 2008 in Uppsala. The workshop's header is "Between Public and Private - Healthcare Systems in Transition". The workshop provides four sub-themes:

1. Private and public in new constellations: What happened after the New Public Management reforms?
2. Accounting and accountability in health care organizations
3. Making professional work transparent: Comparative approaches
4. Organising Bodies: Changing boundaries between private concerns and public matters?

We invite you all to register as NOHR members, to read more about the 3rd Workshop on Health Management and Organization, and to contribute to www.nohrnet.org by forwarding information you think might be of value to the network!

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